'Dallas' Star Patrick Duffy Recalls His "Shock And Anger" After The Gruesome Murder Of His Parents In 1986

November 18, 2019 15:34

Dallas star Patrick Duffy went through unimaginable loss at the age of 37 when he lost both of his parents in a robbery gone wrong.

What happened to Patrick Duffy's parents?

On November 18, 1986, Duffy's mother and father were killed by two young men at the tavern in Montana that was owned by his parents.

Kenneth Miller and Sean Wentz, the two men behind the double murder, were convicted to 75 years in prison. However, in 2007, Miller was released on parole after Wentz admitted he was the sole gunman.

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Patrick Duffy recalls the tragic event

On the anniversary of his parents' passing, the Dallas star spoke with Closer Weekly about what was going through his mind at that terrible time:

When my parents were murdered, I went through all the emotions of the horrific event — shock and anger and everything — but I never felt disconnected from [my parents]. I never felt that immediate loss. I did not know why then, but in retrospect it was a result of being Buddhist.

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Duffy also shared his feelings about the release of one of the murderers, saying that he's let go of the anger, unlike his sister:

I'm OK with that. My sister's not. I understand. She said, 'My parents, after 20 years, do not get their life back. He should not get his life back either.' My point of view is he's already been punished. You know, whether he's in prison or out of prison.

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Patrick faced loss once again in 2017, when his wife of 43 years Carlyn Rosser passed away. And yet, owing to Duffy's incredible spirit, he's making the best of his life and is grateful for every day.