'NCIS' Star Rocky Carroll Is Surrounded By Wonderful Women At Home: Meet His Remarkable Wife And Lovely Daughter

December 16, 2019

Actor Rocky Carroll is known to TV fans as Leon Vance, the longest serving NCIS director, on the show NCIS.

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Carroll is also exercising his talents as a director of the show, having been in charge of several episodes so far.

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And while the actor's career is going quite well, what is known about his personal life?

Who is Rocky Carroll's wife?

Carroll has been blessed in this life as he's been fortunate enough to encounter Gabrielle Bullock, a gifted New York architect and amazing woman overall.

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Rocky and Gabrielle got married in 1996, and since then life has been good to them. The couple keeps their relationship very personal and don't show off every single milestone.

Bullock only occasionally takes to her Facebook to share a small glimpse into her happiness with the NCIS actor.

Rocky once said in an interview with PEOPLE that his marriage with Gabrielle comes down to simple things and his celebrity status has no influence on what's going on behind the closed doors:

Director Vance doesn’t wield as much power with my wife. I’ve been married for 13 years. As long as I feed the dog and the garbage is taken out, that’s what is important.

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The famous actor also has a massive respect for her life and celebrates her achievements on social media. He once shared his wife's featured article in the famous design magazine Dwell, and we can just tell he couldn't have been more proud.

Carroll and Bullock's marriage is built on mutual love, support, and understanding, so no wonder they seem like the ultimate happy couple!

Do Rocky and Gabrielle have kids?

The happy couple started a family together in 2001 when they welcomed their only child, daughter Elissa.

Carroll and Bullock made sure to raise Elissa grounded and the NCIS actor even revealed that his daughter doesn't care about his fame:

She is not bitten by the entertainment bug yet. She gets bored quickly coming to the NCIS set. If I were on the Wizards of Waverly Place, she’d be more excited!

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With parents like Rocky and Gabrielle, we have no doubts that Elissa will grow up into a very intelligent and accomplished person. It's also not too late to follow in her father's footsteps!

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