U2's Frontman Bono And His Gorgeous Wife Ali Hewson Have Been Happily Married For 37 Years

December 18, 2019 11:40

Paul Hewson, whom we all know as Bono, met his wife Ali Hewson in Dublin when they were just teenagers. He wasn’t the frontman of one of the most successful bands of all time then so he had to use his natural charms to win her over.

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The singer claimed it was love from the first sight for him but his lady love was not as easy to give her heart to him. Bono and Ali Hewson’s first date ended with the frontman walking her to the bus stop but a few years later, she was his beloved wife.

Bono and his wife’s long marriage

They married when they were in their 20s but 37 years later, they are still madly in love. The couple welcomed 4 kids together but the famed frontman admits that his beloved wife still keeps him on his toes.

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Ali has a successful career as a businesswoman of her own. She might not be someone almost every person in the world would recognize, she might not have written amazing songs that people adore, but she co-founded two ethical businesses: Nude Skincare and the EDUN fashion line.

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Bono once said about his wife:

My missus has been playing hard to get for quite a while now and she’s an elusive character. She’s not easy to get to know and other people’s praise holds not much sway for her. She’s a very independent, smart kind of girl, who, I think, sees me as a figure of amusement.

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Everyone has something to say about the U2’s frontman, yet most keep quiet about his wife. It’s likely due to the fact that Hewson has always stayed as far away from the spotlight as possible.

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There is one thing that we can say about her, though. Ali has never been afraid to lose her husband to another woman. She once commented:

I don't feel threatened. You can live your life being scared of losing someone and, at the end of the day, if he is going to leave you, he'll leave you and that's it.

It looks like Bono seems to be aware of how lucky he is to have Ali in his life. The singer admitted that he released he holds on to his wife tighter than she does to him. Bono noted that it bothers him as he wishes she wasn’t as independent as she is.

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Yet, 37 years later, they are still together. What is their secret? The musician revealed:

We feel the red carpet has kept us close. If things are going around, we say, ‘Let’s do the red carpet, certainly.’

We know how private Bono and his wife are about their personal life so we can suspect that the With or Without You hitmaker was just joking.

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