Brad Pitt Left His Kids Out Of His 2020 Golden Globes Speech But It Was Strategic Move, Reports Claim

January 8, 2020

Brad Pitt was the talk of the town during this year’s Golden Globes. The actor received a prestigious Best Supporting Actor award for his outstanding performance in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

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But his fair win was not the reason why people couldn’t stop talking about him. It was Pitt’s speech that raised many questions. The actor mentioned everyone:

  • director Quentin Tarantino;
  • his co-star Leonardo DiCaprio;
  • his parents;
  • other nominees.

Yet, he didn’t say a word about his kids. Brad Pitt’s children were completely left out and many people wondered why.

What do the reports say?

Many people noticed the Hollywood star’s curious omission. However, according to TMZ’s sources, Brad Pitt’s 6 kids were not mentioned on purpose.

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It was said that the actor wants to keep his private life away from the public eye. That’s why he never mentions his offspring publically. Brad feels like talking about his children will attract public attention to them and he doesn’t want that.

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TMZ claims that Pitt has no desire to use his children as a publicity tool, contrary to his former wife, Angelina Jolie.

He tries to be a good dad

Previously, the superstar talked about fatherhood, noting that his dad did everything to give him the best life and he wants to do the same for his kids, too.

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That might be why he chooses where they should live. Angelina Jolie mentioned in a recent interview that she would want to live abroad and plans to do so when her and Pitt’s kids turn 18. But now she is forced to live where her ex-husband decides.

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It’s evident that both Brad and Angelina care about their offspring and try to make their lives as good and happy as possible, despite the scandals and crazy rumors they both usually get involved in. But they chose different ways to honor their kids and it looks like not talking about them is Brad’s preferred option.

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