Did Fred Rogers Have Children? Mister Rogers Was A Proud Father Of 2 Handsome Sons

November 27, 2019 14:38

Fred Rogers was famous for his kind personality and sweet nature. According to his wife, Joanne, he was the same generous and lovable man in real life as he was on the screen.

Joanne and Fred met in college in the late 1940s. The couple dated until they both graduated but they moved to different states and the distance separated them. Despite that, the pair continued to keep in touch by writing letters to each other and in one of those letters, Fred proposed to Joanne.

The two married in 1952 and had two kids together. But what do we know about Fred Rogers’ children?

Fred Rogers’ kids

Fred and Joanne had 2 kids: sons James and John. James was born 6 years after the couple got married and John followed 2 years later.

The boys said that their famous father was very kind-hearted. They were surely lucky to have him. Fred Rogers’ sons both appeared in several episodes of their dad’s children’s program, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

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Fred once revealed that James had struggled with adulthood. When he started studying in college, he stopped communicating with his parents for some time. Fred and Joanne even felt ‘real hostility’ coming from their eldest son. Luckily, James came around and mended his relationship with his parents.

When Tom Hanks was chosen to play Fred Rogers, John said that his father would have been thrilled about that as he was Hanks’ biggest fan and watched Forrest Gump numerous times.

John added that Rogers was a very generous person and invested in children’s well-being, so he would have been happy to know that the new generation of kids got a chance to learn about him thanks to the movie.

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