Royal Source Sheds Light On Kate Middleton & Prince William’s Marriage Amid Awkward PDA Video

December 20, 2019

Kate Middleton and Prince William are one of the most adored royal couples. The pair has had a lot of ups and downs in their relationship. The Duchess was dubbed as ‘Waity Katie’ as she dated the Prince for long 8 years before he finally popped the question in 2010.

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William asked his beloved to marry him while they were on a romantic vacation in Kenya and, of course, she said yes. In 2011, millions of people around the world tuned in to watch their gorgeous wedding.

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The pair have stayed strong for years, representing true family values. However, recently fans were shocked to witness a video where the Duchess shrugged off her husband’s touch. Is everything ok in their marriage?

The truth behind Kate Middleton and Prince William’s union

PEOPLE decided to make a cover story about the beloved Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The publication questioned the couple’s friends and royal sources to get an understanding of what kind of relationship the two royals have.

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Despite the viral video, many claim that the couple’s relationship is a true partnership. Kate and William have different roles in their marriage, yet they tackle their daily life as a team.

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It was said:

They look after each other but in different ways. Some people might say it’s an old-fashioned marriage, but it seems to work.

One royal source noted that it’s evident that Kate and William are a ‘great double-act’ as they help each other during public outings. Their support is always noted by many royal fans. People love them and think that they are a ‘sweet couple.’

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Royal fans praise the couple

@Herny Yulianti:

Great Couple in The World, Always

@Julie Davidson:

Love these two, skip Charles and put William on the throne

@Tonya Woodson Collier:

This is how all marriages should be

@Mary Jo Seguin Chartrand:

You could just sense their total love for each other from the beginning.

Despite leaning more towards traditional rather than modern marriage, the Cambridge duo has a ‘genuine love story’, which can be seen thanks to their body language.

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Body language expert Robin Kermode added that Kate and William seem to be always mirroring each other’s gestures and hold long eye contacts.

Kate and William is considered to be ‘typically British’ and more reserved, compared to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who are way more affectionate in public. Yet, it doesn’t mean that the Cambridge duo loves each other any less.

They do fight but it doesn’t necessarily indicate that something is wrong in their relationship, it just shows that they are normal people. That’s why we are certain that everything is fine with their marriage so stop worrying!

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