Kevin Costner – How Old Is He? The Actor Is In His 60s But He Has Very Young Children

November 19, 2019 15:53

Kevin Costner – how old is he? The legendary actor will turn 65 in January. Nonetheless, when looking at him, it’s almost impossible to determine Kevin Costner’s age, isn’t it?

He has great physic and he certainly hasn’t lost his charm. Kevin Costner’s age also doesn’t seem to have any effect on his parenthood as the actor has very young children.

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Daddy at 60

Despite the extensive career in movies, Kevin Costner’s biggest adventure is fatherhood. The actor has 7 children and three of them are very young.

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The superstar has 3 adult children from his first marriage to Cindy Silva, one son from a brief relationship with Bridget Rooney and three kids with his current wife, Christine Baumgartner.

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12-year-old Cayden, 10-year-old Hayes and Grace, who is 9, keep Costner busy. He drives them to school every morning and helps to pack their lunches.

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It might sound difficult to be a 60-something dad to children of that age as it’s very hard to keep them still but Kevin uses his wisdom to trick them. He doesn’t need to chase them around to make them do what he wants. Costner joked:

You just say, 'I got a candy bar! Get over here!'. You don't have to chase them very far when you talk about chocolate.

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The Bodyguard star’s offspring keeps him young at heart but he also likes to take care of himself to be able to continue his career. The age of Kevin Costner hasn’t ended as the actor still appears in movies.

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Kevin believes that he is on ‘the second half’ of his career, doing not only acting jobs but also writing and working behind-the-scenes. His most recen work is starring in 2018’s TV series Yellowstone, which is the first regular TV show role in his career. We can tell Costner has a lot up in his sleeve for the future.

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