59-Year-Old Christian Singer Amy Grant Opens Up About Painful Divorce With Gary Chapman

December 17, 2019 17:18

Amy Grant is one of the leading musicians in the contemporary Christian music style. She released her first album when she was just 17 and has been enjoying a successful career ever since.

Yet, despite the flourishing career, her love life had quite a turbulent turn. Amy Grant and her first husband, Gary Chapman, announced their divorce after 16 years of bliss. The couple wedded in 1982 and welcomed three children together but nothing stopped them from ending their marriage.

Amy Grant and Gary Chapman were the first couple of Christian music and now they are a couple of divorcees. Even though it’s still an extremely painful subject for Grant, she decided to open up about her divorce.

Amy Grant and Gary Chapman’s divorce

During her recent interview with Closer Weekly, the legendary singer ventured on the painful journey. Amy Grant’s divorce with her first husband was unexpected, especially considering that both Grant and Chapman are devoted Christians.

It might have affected her religious fan base but the 59-year-old says she didn’t care what anyone would think about her decision.

She said:

I couldn’t have cared less. I had to have the freedom to find the life that I could live with integrity. [Others] can stay or fall out.

Grant noted that she lost herself in her marriage and ending it helped her to find ‘a way back.' Amy also learned a valuable lesson from it.

She shared:

It’s made me parent differently, to learn lessons of respect and reconciliation. If I hear someone talking about their own life with a lot of frustration, I’ll say, “What are you willing to change to live a life that’s respectful?” Respect is so important.

In 2010, the singer admitted that her public divorce wasn't easy. But it’s all in the past now. Today, Grant wants to ‘experience life’ and ‘celebrate’ every moment of it, without having any ‘work agenda,’ and we are certain she will make her wish come true.