Power Of Love: Paula Prentiss & Richard Benjamin Have Been Together For Almost 60 Years

December 20, 2019

Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss can boast one of the most longstanding marriages in Hollywood. Even though their TV show He & She didn’t survive longer than one season, the lovable pair made thousands of Americans fall in love with them.

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Richard and Paula met at Northwestern University. When Benjamin saw her for the first time, he knew Paula was the girl for him. Prentiss didn’t mind dating a ‘cute’ and ‘tall’ starting director so she agreed to date him.

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And now, 58 years later, they are still together and still absolutely smitten with each other.

Paula Prentiss and Richard Benjamin’s marriage

Prentiss and Benjamin moved in together soon after their meeting, which was very frowned upon and the two were forced into marriage.

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It was 1961 at that time. They couldn’t stay in one hotel together as boyfriend and girlfriend during their work trips so the only solution was to tie the knot, so they did. But Richard was ready to do anything to be with Paula.

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He once said:

I accepted it all to be with the girl I wanted to be with.

The pair starred together in many movies, including Catch-22 and Saturday the 14th. They also collaborated on something much more important – children. Paula Prentiss and Richard Benjamin have 2 of them: son Ross and daughter Prentiss.

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But what made them stay together for almost 60 years? Not letting other people ruin their relationship is one of the things.

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Benjamin explained:

When Paula was sick, people wondered why I didn't leave her. And when I wasn't working they wondered why she didn't leave me. People all along have tried to come between us. It took a long time to figure out that it was their problem, not ours.

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Prentiss noted that she loves getting old with her beloved husband as with time they learned how to put their complaints to one side and stopped arguing because they realized it’s just the waste of energy. So the only thing that’s left now is love and it’s amazing.

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