After Tumultuous Affair With Sophia Bush, Chad Michael Murray Married His Co-Star Sarah Roemer

November 8, 2019 13:53

Who’s Chad Michael Murray’s wife? The One Tree Hill actor had a tumultuous affair with his co-star Sophia Bush for 2 years before the couple wedded in 2005.

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However, their marriage only lasted for 5 months. According to People, Bush filed for an annulment, naming “fraud” as the reason for the end of their union. But, Chad found a new love and is happily married now!

Chad Michael Murray and his wife

In 2014, the TV star met his “the one”, a fellow actress Sarah Roemer, on the set of the TV series Chosen. The couple quickly started their romance and a year later, they had a secret wedding.

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Chad Michael Murray and Sarah Roemer became first-time parents in the same year they became husband and wife. Roemer gave birth to a baby boy whom the couple named Rex.

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The pair didn’t stop at one and in 2017, they welcomed their second child, a beautiful daughter.

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The actor gushed about his family in a heartfelt tweet:

Do u know what I do every morning? Wake in my loving family’s embrace, make coffee & breakfast 4 the kiddos with my wife. Read 1-2 chapters in the Bible 2 start the day off right. Then we plan how 2 fill the day with love 4 my family & brethren. It’s so simple yet so fulfilling.

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Chad and Sarah keep their private life under the closed doors for the most part. Murray once explained that he is ‘a family guy’ and his personal relationships are the ‘core’ of his life so that’s why he likes to keep them for himself. We can totally understand that!

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