Heartbroken Vinnie Jones Confessed He Still Speaks To His Late Wife Tanya "Every Day" After Losing Her To Cancer

November 22, 2019 18:03

Vinnie Jones' wife of 25 years, Tanya passed away in July after being diagnosed with melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, in 2013. The woman was only 53 and she had been battling cancer for long 6 years. Although it's been almost 7 years since he'd gone, Vinnie Jones still can't stop missing her.

Vinnie Jones' wife Tanya

In an interview with The Sun, Jones, who is taking part in The X Factor intimated how he copes with the loss and still communicates with the late wife while going about his day and making his bed.

He told the newspaper: "I talk to her all of the time. Constantly, every day."

“We have a little chat when I’m making my bed. This morning I went, ‘There you go babe, look’, and it wasn’t my best bed making, so I re-did it.”

Following his wife’s death, Vinnie sold their LA home, saying it would be too difficult to live there without Tanya.

Interestingly enough, Jones had also been diagnosed with the illness but thankfully, later got the all-clear.

Yet, Vinnie Jones' wife's death wasn't the only thing that hit the family. He explains:

“Tanya’s little dog Gypsy passed away last week."

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Because the dog "never left her side", the family believes that Tanya called the dog to be with her as they had a "spiritual bond".

"But we take a positive view -- he's with Tanya now. It's incredible how he died so close to her."

Vinnie Jones bought the house next door and now lives there with his and Tanya's daughter Kayley, while their son Aaron is working in Ireland.

Meanwhile, Vinnie recently admitted he can't imagine falling in love ever again.

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He said:

"She was the light of my life. I will never be with anyone else."

Well, it seems that sometimes we simply can't let someone leave our life. Surely, we all want our beloved people to be with us, but we believe it's a high time for Vinnie to move on. His wife would want him to be happy, to love and be loved. It's never too late to start living your best life, even if there is a special place in your heart where you keep someone.

Vinnie has his family by his side and it's great to know they support him. We do hope to hear he has found new love and happiness! Just something we all deserve to have!

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