Heart Of Gold: Tyler Perry Dishes Out $14,000 Bill To Rescue American Couple Held “Hostage” In Mexican Hospital

November 26, 2019

Actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry is famous for his stand-out role as Madea, a character that exemplifies his incredible range as a thespian and comedian.

But for his fans, Perry is more than a star on screen as his venerable acts of kindness have attracted equal attention.Among other amazing efforts, Perry has donated over $1 million to the NAACP and victims of the Haiti earthquake each and helped in rebuilding efforts in the Bahamas.

Through Tyler Perry’s charity work, he has demonstrated that giving back is the truest way to uplift the world and make a difference.

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Tyler Perry’s charity work saves a couple "trapped" in Mexico

A couple held “prisoner” in Mexico became the latest benefactors of Tyler Perry’s charitable work when the filmmaker offered to settle their $14,000 medical bill after hearing of their plight.

Stephen Johnson and Tori Austin made news when Johnson went into diabetic shock while on a Carnival cruise, an unfortunate occurrence that forced them to seek help.

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Good Morning America reported that after being admitted for 3 days, the hospital bill came back a staggering $14k, a sum the couple couldn’t afford to settle.

They locked the windows… and so far we just can't leave until this $14,000 dollar bill is paid.

The couple’s pleas to settle at least half of the bill upfront fell on deaf ears as the hospital wanted them to settle it all at once.

But after the film star heard of their story, he offered to settle the bill and even cover their travel expenses back to the states once they were cleared to leave.

Sharing their gratitude on Facebook, Tori Austin thanked Tyler Perry for his bigger-than-life effort that made things easier for them to leave Mexico.

People applauded Tyler Perry’s big act of kindness

Tyler Perry’s actions deserve recognition and his fans did not delay to thank him for his great deed in helping those in need.

The world can be a cruel place but when we help those in need, we shine a light on their lives and make the planet our little heaven. For Tyler Perry, we have to say, God bless your beautiful and generous heart.