Esther Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner’s Mom, Throws Shade At Kris Jenner, Blaming Her For Making Her Daughter Look Spineless And Less Assertive

November 21, 2019 16:42

Now, Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner might not see eye to eye but a few years ago, they had a completely different relationship. Before they announced their separation in 2013, Kris and Caitlyn were happily married in a relationship that had lasted an impressive 23 years.

As you would expect, back then, when Caitlyn was Bruce Jenner, they made a handsome couple and shared 2 children, Kendall and Kylie. But what did Caitlyn’s mother, Esther Jenner, think of their union?

Recently, Esther Jenner spoke up about Kris and Caitlyn's marriage, and she called out Kris Jenner for being a hyper-controlling wife.

Kris Jenner made Caitlyn look like a “milk-toast man”

In an interview with MailOnline, the 93-year-old Esther Jenner had some words for her daughter’s ex, and they were not pleasant. Esther took shots at Kris, claiming that she always made Caitlyn look unassertive.

She (Kris) made him look like a milk-toast man!

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"Milk-toast” is an expression used to refer to someone who is timid, spineless, and easily dominated and for Esther, this is exactly how Kris made her soon look.

Mothers are always protective of their children and for the I'm A Celebrity star's mom, it seems that things were not very rosy with her daughter-in-law.

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Esther is old-school and she is not afraid to say what she feels and even though the whole world thinks Keeping Up With The Kardashians is a great show, she is yet to be convinced.

Adding to her critique of Kris, she revealed that she’s never watched a single episode of the show.

I wasn’t fond of that programme, there was no plot, and why it was such a hit I’ll never know, and I guess it still is.

The supportive mom has been on Caitlyn’s side since she transitioned, and she has always shown her the respect and acceptance that a mother should give.

This is not the first time Esther has attacked Kris Jenner

In 2015, Esther had gotten candid with MailOnline about how she truly felt about Kris Jenner and back then, she maintained that she was controlling.

She's domineering - it's do it her way, or there's no way. I had very little to do with Kris.

Esther Jenner’s sentiments might be the key to the lesser-known side of Kris Jenner’s personality, and perhaps the reason her marriage with Caitlyn went south.

Do you think this mom is overreacting? Are her strong feelings about Kris Jenner justified?