Oprah Winfrey’s “Secret Son” Asked For Her Forgiveness But The Star Snubbed Him Because She Tried Her Best To Help Him In The Past

November 26, 2019 17:51

Media mogul and talk show host Oprah Winfrey is easily one of the most beloved women on the planet as her successful career and life story has inspired millions of women.

Despite her fame, Oprah Winfrey has maintained that motherhood is not her thing. Oprah Winfrey, who has been with Stedman Graham for over 30 years, has often reiterated that she has no regrets about motherhood.

But Calvin Mitchell, a man who is famously known as “Oprah’s secret son” has claimed that Oprah Winfrey almost adopted her when he was young.

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Oprah Winfrey's "secret son" speaks out

Rather than be a mother, Oprah has channeled her motherly instincts into the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa, which she opened in 2007. But before that, she had shown great generosity to one special boy, Calvin Mitchell.

Back in the early 90s, Oprah Winfrey starred in the film, There Are No Children Here, and it was on the set of that production where she met little Calvin Mitchell. Mitchell told Daily Mail that their fateful encounter when he offered her a cold coke in the blaring heat, was lifechanging.

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Mitchell explained that Oprah took was charmed because he had ‘offered her something” instead of asking for things in return. It was from that moment that the two developed a special relationship.

According to the emotional Mitchell, Oprah enlisted him in private school and paid her entire tuition as she wanted to help him get a better education. But when Mitchell dropped out at 17, their relationship ended.

Years later, Mitchell, who is a truck driver and a father to 2 tried to reach out to Oprah, trying to ask for her forgiveness for “letting her down” all those years ago.

Oprah Winfrey sets the record straight about “son” Calvin Mitchell

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Oprah spoke about Calvin Mitchell where she confirmed that the little boy had charmed her with his act of generosity on the film’s set. It was then that they started talking and after hearing of his family situation, the star decided to step in and help.

After enlisting Mitchell in school and finding employment for the boy’s biological mother, Oprah stayed in touch with the family and she even intervened when Mitchell dropped out.

I had a long conversation with him about how disappointed I was but I was going to give him another chance.

Sadly, when Mitchell dropped out of school for the second time, Oprah’s convincing didn’t take hold and this was the last time they ever spoke. Oprah remembers the moment as a lesson that helped her to realize that changing someone’s life takes more than giving them a “new life or money.

From her experience with Mitchell, Oprah was inspired to open her Leadership Academy for Girls where she hoped students would be educated to change their thinking and be able to change their own lives.

To reiterate, Calvin Mitchell is not Orpah’s secret son and while their paths crossed in the past, things didn’t turn out as either of them had hoped. It’s hard to blame Mitchell for seeking publicity since deep down, we all want to be Oprah’s secret children!