“This Is Us” Star Chris Sullivan Is Hopeless Romantic Off Cameras And Has A Happy Life With His Wife

November 28, 2019

NBC’s This Is Us is considered one of the most tear-jerking shows on TV where it’s almost impossible to predict which direction the drama will take with every new episode.

But while the show has many amazing stars, Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby, Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) baby daddy, is probably one of the most intriguing characters. Sullivan, who previously came under fire when fans realized that he wore a “fat suit” to play his character, impressed in his transformation when he “slimmed down” on the show, even flashing some abs.

His amazing new look and personality had fans asking, “Who is Chris Sullivan’s wife? Who is he in real life?” Let’s take a look at Chris Sullivan's life, together.

Chris Sullivan and his wife are both in the entertainment industry

While most fans got to know more of the talented Chris Sullivan through his role on This Is Us, the actor has an equally impressive backstory. The singer and Primetime Emmy Award nominee starred on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and had an equally impressive role on The Knick, which was released in 2014.

But while his on-screen lovability is truly admirable, it seems that even off the camera, Sullivan’s life is filled with love. While his romance with co-star Chrissy Metz (who plays Kate) is almost enviable, after calling it a day on set, Sullivan goes home to his wife, Rachel Reichard.

Rachel, who married Sullivan in 2010, has worked as a producer, which made her the perfect spouse to an actor since she understands the demands of life in the entertainment industry.

The Sugar producer has been with Sullivan before he even moved to New York City to rehearse as a stage actor, a unique fact that demonstrates that she was there before all the fame and glory.

Their marriage is something to marvel at since unlike many couples, they are yet to be involved in any major scandals if any. As it turns our Chris Sullivan is a great romantic whose charm keeps his wife happy.

Chris Sullivan shares how romance can keep a marriage alive

Chris Sullivan is a romantic on This Is Us where he’s all about the grand gestures and it seems all that magic is not lacking in his relationship with Rachel. In 2018, Toby partnered with Match, for Romance Awareness Month where they aimed to help men and women bring more love into their lives.

In a sweet Instagram post, Sullivan shared the secrets of marriage survival when he revealed that romance is all about being vulnerable.

When partners tell each other what they feel, they can act to make these dreams come true since after all, “love is an action verb” whose result is romance.

Sullivan’s other tip for romance in a marriage is to have humor. He called it a necessity to survival, but mentioned that balancing it with good boundaries makes it healthy for a relationship.

It seems all that magic on screen trickled down into Sullivan’s personal life and it’s a good thing. It’s inspirational when an actor has a great impact on-screen and off of it.