"It All Just Comes Together”: Tom Hanks Discovered He’s Related To Fred Rogers Aka “Mr. Rogers” Before His Biopic Film Was Released

November 20, 2019

If you are in the know, then you are definitely aware that Tom Hanks is set to feature in the upcoming film, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood where he plays the beloved Fred Rogers aka, Mr. Rogers.

In an unlikely twist that none of the best movie directors could have predicted, it turns out that Tom Hanks is distantly related to Mr. Rogers! The news took many by surprise and as you can imagine, it must have been overwhelming for Tom Hanks, who bears a striking resemblance to Mister Rogers.

In the recently released trailer for the biopic film, Hanks’ likeness to the iconic Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood host is spot on.

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Tom Hanks is distantly related to Mr. Rogers

Speaking to Access at the premiere of the Fred Rogers biopic, Tom Hanks was caught unawares when he found out that there was a connection between him and the TV show host he portrays in a film!

Hanks, who was with his partner Rita Wilson found out that he is a 6th cousin to Mr. Rogers according to an search.

The revelation took Hanks and Wilson by surprise and the two could barely believe it. Wilson said, "You are pulling our leg!"

What did the Sully star have to say about his connection to Mr. Rogers?

It all just comes together.

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As cheesy as it sounds, the connection between then, no matter how distant, is very important as it adds even more significance to the film as Hanks’s contribution in honoring Mr. Roger’s contributions.

While Hanks had taken on a big role, his stellar acting helped to bring his memory back to life and as fate would have it, they are even more connected than anyone expected.

Tom Hanks had to “slow down” to play Mr. Rogers

But playing the film was not as easy for Tom Hanks as it was tough for him to portray the children’s TV show icon. Speaking to Variety, Hanks disclosed that he “had a great difficulty slowing down” as he had to drop his usual energy and find a stillness that would match the character.

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Hanks credits the film’s director Marielle Heller for helping him find his inner Mr. Rogers and deliver on a character that would be difficult to portray for anyone.

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What do you think of Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers? Are you looking forward to watching the film and shedding some tears along the way?