“Keep Your Mind Active”: Ed Asner Who Is Turning 90 Celebrates Legendary Career And Gives Away A Secret To Ageing Gracefully

November 6, 2019 12:00

US actor Ed Asner is no stranger to the world and in his long and successful career, the thespian has won an impressive 7 Emmy Awards for his stellar performances. His amazing roles in The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Elf, and Up made him a fan favorite and in Hollywood, he made a name for himself as a mark of professionalism.

As Ed Asner turns 90 this November, he celebrates a great legacy as an icon who has inspired millions of others to always aim high.

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With his 90th birthday around the corner, one would expect Ed Asner to take a back seat but what he constantly proves is that he’s not worried about adding another year to his calendar.

Ed Asner's secret to aging well

Speaking with Closer Weekly at his birthday roast in Los Angeles, the star shared his secret to aging so well.

Keep your mind active.

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As we get older, some prefer to excuse themselves from ordinary tasks and Ed Asner advises that “working, reading, and being with people that can excite you,” can make the years fly by without any trouble.

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Ed, whose role as Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show made him a favorite to many, does not fret that he is getting older and instead, he’s excited.

Ed Asner has no plans to retire

Sharing with Closer in October, Asner explained that age is no hindrance and, in the future, he plans to keep himself busy by tackling all projects thrown his way.

Not as long as I can still lift my arms up to my head… It’s getting more difficult — I can’t reach beyond my head, but if I can scratch my head, I can still work.

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In the recent past, Asner has worked closely with the Ed Asner Family Center in Reseda, a place where adults and children with special needs can get the opportunity to learn about arts. The inspiration for the center came from one of Asner’s sons, who despite autism, proved that the condition is no hindrance to success.

As Ed Asner makes this big milestone, we wish him the best of luck!