Dean Martin’s Daughter Revealed How He Taught Her To Be Down-To-Earth: “He Was Not A Movie-Star Type”

December 27, 2019

Dean Martin’s daughter Deane opened up about a fundamental lesson she’s learned from her eminent dad. Deane recalled her childhood and teen years with her legendary father.

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Dean Martin’s children and legacy

Dean Martin’s legacy keeps living even after his passing more than two decades ago due to his wonderful children:

  • Dean Martin was a legendary singer, actor, and comedian, known by a nickname ‘The King of Cool.’
  • Dean was married three times and had seven children with his first and second wives.
  • The singer’s song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” hit music charts around the globe and became the iconic single of Dean Martin.
  • In 1993, Dean was diagnosed with lung cancer. He died two years later on Christmas.
  • Dean Martin’s children recall the singer as a very down-to-earth dad:

Dad was really ordinary… he was not a movie-star type.

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Dean Martin’s daughter: memories about the late singer

Dean Martin’s daughter Deane talks about her famous father with exceptional warmness. In an interview with Fox News, Deane recalled her childhood and teen years.

Deane confessed that she never thought of her father as a ‘big star’. For her, Dean Martin was a doting and loving dad. She realized that her father was different from other dads when she went to school.

Deane joked on this matter:

When I started going to school, that's when I found out that maybe everybody wanted to meet my dad.

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Martin’s daughter shared a fundamental lesson which she’s learned from her dad. He taught her to respect other people’s feelings and treat everyone equally.

Dean Martin told his kids:

Treat people the way you want to be treated… treat people with respect.

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In her dad’s footsteps

Deane Martin has followed in her father’s footsteps and chose the career of a singer. Deane confessed that she realized that people would compare them and their music, but she never worried much on this matter.

Moreover, Deane explained that she “learned from the best” and that it was her father who supported her to follow her dream.

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Dean told his daughter:

Hit your mark, know all of your lyrics and sing from your heart.

Golden words!

Dean Martin was a true legend of his generation. As for his children, Dean would always remain a loving and caring parent who taught them the most important things in life. Dean Martin’s daughter Deane is a vivid proof that good genes run in this family. Her dad could have been proud!

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