Don Rickles' Wife Of 52 Years Opens Up About Losing Her Beloved Husband: “It’s A Very Difficult Time”

December 18, 2019

Don Rickles' wife of 52 years opened up about losing her beloved husband just weeks after their anniversary. Time heals even the deepest wounds… or it doesn’t?

Don Rickles and Barbara Sklar’s love story

Sometimes, you look at a couple and think - these two were meant to be together. That’s true to say about Don Rickles and Barbara Sklar.

Don Rickles was one of the most famous American stand-up comedians. Moreover, he was a pioneer of this direction in a comedy.

When Don met Barbara for the first time, she failed to get his exceptional sense of humor, but eventually, they started dating and were almost inseparable.

Barbara even matched her working hours to Don’s so they could have lunch together on set. The comedian gushed every time he spoke about his wife:

I’m completely devoted to her. She’s my life.

Painful loss

Don Rickles passed away in 2017 from kidney failure. He was 90. His wife Barbara still struggles to cope with Don’s demise.

It's been more than 2 years since Don died, but Barbara admits she's still processing the loss of her husband.

It is a very difficult time.

Keep living…

Don Rickles died three weeks after the couple’s 52nd wedding anniversary. Barbara still remembers a sweet tribute from Don on their special milestone.

He wrote:

Happy Anniversary my dear wife, Barbara. You are my life. Pussycat

Don Rickles and Barbara Sklar were blessed with two wonderful kids together.

Losing our loved ones hurts like nothing else. Don Rickles' wife knows this firsthand. But memories of her beloved husband of 52 years give her the strength to keep living and welcome every new day with a smile on her face.

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