“I Was Shy”: Jack Black Waited 15 Years To Ask His Wife Out But They've Been Happily Married For 13 Years Since Then

December 16, 2019

Jack Black waited 15 years to ask his wife Tanya on a date, but after he finally did it, they've been happily married for 13 years and counting. Who is that wonderful woman who stole the actor’s heart?

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Bachelor Jack Black

Jack Black thought he would stay a bachelor for the rest of his life as he was sure that marriage just wasn’t for him.

Jack’s parents divorced when he was 10 years old. Their split had a huge impact on the teen boy. The comedian recalled that period of his life:

I remember just lots of turmoil from that time period… I couldn’t talk to my parents about the things that I was most guilty about.

Jack Black didn’t have a role model of a happily married couple, but his opinion toward family life changed after he met his future wife.

Who is Jack Black’s wife?

Jack Black met his wife Tanya Haden at high school. But Jack was “shy” at that time and he didn’t get the courage to ask Tanya out. They started dating only 15 years after high school.

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The actor commented on his regret of wasting so much time and feeling lonely during all those years:

I wish I'd had more courage to ask out Tanya Haden, the woman who eventually became my wife. We met at school at 18 and I wasted 15 years waiting for my chance.

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Family life

Jack Black and Tanya Haden got married in 2006 in a private but beautiful ceremony. The comedian admits that he loves being married, but it’s only because his wife is such a wonderful woman and also his soulmate.

Jack said:

When I'm with Tanya I have this great feeling of sharing experiences, of not feeling alone in the universe because I've got her beside me.

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The lovebirds have two sons together. Black calls fatherhood a “rewarding” thing which he wouldn’t change for anything.

My children are magical creatures and I love them to death.

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The doting father added:

But it is challenging. It takes a lot of energy. When you get home from work you need to spend time with them – you can't just go and work on the computer.

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Jack Black waited for 15 years to make the first step, but when he finally did it, his life changed drastically for the better. Jack Black and Tanya Haden have kept their marriage happy and strong for 13 years and counting, which means that true love has no time limits.

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