Jenna Bush Hager Talks About Her Parents' Perfect 42-Year Marriage: “They Were Equal Parents"

November 25, 2019 14:58

Jenna Bush Hager admits she finds inspiration from her parents, who have been married for 42 years and counting, and follows their approach in raising her own children.

George and Laura Bush: role model of successful marriage

The powerful presidential couple George W. Bush and Laura Bush prove that true love spans decades. The former US President and First Lady have kept their marriage happy and strong for 42 years and counting. What’s their secret?

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For their charming daughter Jenna Bush Hager, her parents have always been a role model of a healthy marriage. Here is what Jenna has to say about George and Laura’s relationship goals:

They were equal parents… My dad was home before 5 p.m., he would go for a jog and I’d ride my bike next to him. Our parents made the time for us.

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Parenting approach

Jenna explained that her parents always put family first. She and her sister Barbara never felt lonely as they always could share their ups and downs with the adults.

Family bonding has always been in the first place for the Bushes. Jenna recalled her childhood memories in an interview with People:

When my parents got home from work, there was nothing else; we didn’t have the internet.

Jenna added that she applies the same approach to raising her own children:

We’re not looking down at our computers or our telephones and making them feel like they’re insignificant. It’s a big deal.

Love at first sight

As for Laura and George W. Bush, the spouses confessed they fell in love with each other at first sight. Decades after, the lovebirds still haven’t lost that special sparkle between them.

It’s not so easy to find your soulmate among millions of strangers. But if you find the one you know you will love forever, try to do your best to keep your relationship happy and strong.

In case you need a role model for inspiration, Laura and George W. Bush are just the perfect match!

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