'Not Invited': Lisa Marie Presley's Kids Banned From Attending Elvis Presley's 85th Birthday Event, Reports Say

January 9, 2020

Lisa Marie Presley's kids were reportedly banned from attending Elvis Presley's 85th birthday event. What was the reason for this family drama? Let’s find out.

Lisa Marie Presley's kids and marriage:

  • Lisa Marie Presley has 2 children with her ex-husband Michael Lockwood. The couple got married in 2006.
  • Lisa and Michael filed for divorce in 2016 after a decade of a seemed-to-be happy marriage.
  • At that time, Lisa’s twin girls were 7 years old. Lisa wanted to get full custody of her daughters.
  • A source close to Presley explained that Lisa refused from any financial support from her ex-husband.

Not invited?

Legendary Elvis Presley would have turned 85 on January 8. The King of Rock and Roll passed away in 1977.

To honor the iconic singer’s 85th birthday, a special event was arranged in Memphis from 8 till 11th of January to allow fans to pay tributes to late Elvis. However, not everyone received an invitation.

Lisa Marie Presley’s kids were banned from attending Elvis Presley's birthday event, according to reports. Lisa addressed LA Los Angeles County Court to ask permission to let Elvis’ grandkids to attend his 85th B-day.

The problem is with Lisa’s ex-husband. Without his permission, kids are not allowed to travel out of state.

The Blast reported that the court rejected Lisa in her case, because “it didn't rise to the level of an emergency."

Elvis’ legacy

Lisa Marie Presley must have been really upset that her daughters didn’t get a chance to attend late Elvis’ birthday celebration.

In one of her interviews, Lisa admitted that her kids are very respectful about their grandfather’s legacy. She said:

The twins do have a sweet reaction when they hear their grandfather’s music playing in public… They’re very respectful.

Of course, it’s a bit unfair that Lisa’s kids didn’t attend Elvis’ special event. On the other hand, nothing can stop them from respecting their late granddad’s legacy. Elvis Presley could have been proud of his wonderful children and grandkids. He keeps living in their hearts and thoughts!