Nicole Kidman’s Beloved Father Died Aged 75 From Heart Attack: “I’m So Lucky To Be His Daughter”

November 11, 2019 10:50

For Nicole Kidman, her father’s sudden death appeared to be a huge shock. In a moment, the actress lost her beloved parent, good friend, and devoted supporter in life.

How Nicole Kidman’s father died

Dr. Antony Kidman passed away in 2014 from a heart attack. He was 75. Tony was a great husband and a doting dad to his two daughters, Nicole and Antonia. It was a true shock for the Kidman family to lose their beloved patriarch.

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Nicole Kidman was very close with her late dad. When the actress divorced her first husband Tom Cruise, Dr. Kidman was there by her side to support his daughter.

Nicole recalls how her dad came to stay with her amid the tough split:

He was on a plane hours after I got divorced. He would tell me in times of crisis: ‘Nic, it's going to be OK. It isn't what it could've been it isn't what it should have been, it is what it is.’

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Father-daughter’s unique bond

Antony Kidman was a well-known historian with a passion for politics. He was a big fan of music and had a great voice too. Everyone, who was lucky to know Tony in person, called him a visionary leader always ready to help others.

Nicole Kidman has the warmest memories of her late father as well. The actress once told:

I'm so lucky to be his daughter… He was the father who was always going to be there.

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What the actress regrets most of all is that Antony would never see his grandkids grow up and start their own families. Dr. Kidman had 10 wonderful grandchildren.

Nicole said:

The only regret he'd have is that he's not here to see his beautiful grandchildren grow up.

Nicole admits that she always wanted to make her parents proud of her. It was her father who taught Nicole to follow her dreams, no matter what other people think of it. Tony taught her to never lose faith in herself despite any life challenges.

Late Antony Kidman’s legacy keeps living via his wonderful daughters and amazing grandkids. Tony will always have a special place in their hearts!

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