“I Miss My Little Girl”: Singer Bobby Brown Opens Up About The Loss Of His Daughter Who Died At 22

November 6, 2019 11:32

Singer Bobby Brown’s life turned upside down when his beloved daughter sadly died at the age of 22. The lost dad admits he’s still struggling to deal with the grief.

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Bobby Brown’s daughter: cause of death

Bobbi Kristina Brown was the daughter of music legends Bobby Brown and late Whitney Houston. The young lady was just 22 when she died after half a year in a coma.

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Kristina was found unconscious in her house following a reported drug overdose. Doctors fought for her life for long 6 months. Sadly, the young lady couldn’t make it.

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Bobby Brown talks on his child’s demise

For Bobby Brown, losing his daughter was like the world stopped turning. The singer refused from comments after Kristina’s early death. Only years later, the lost dad opened up about dealing with grief.

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He said:

I go through it every day. Just the thought of her and looking at my youngest daughter and my other kids, knowing they’ll never get to know their oldest sister is a struggle.

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On the fourth anniversary of Kristina’s death, Brown commemorated his beloved late daughter with a heartbreaking tribute.

He wrote:

Every day I hold you close to my heart. I think about so many of the things you used to do, from a little girl to a beautiful young lady… It reminds me of how much I miss my little girl more and more every day.

Bobbi Kristina Brown left this world so early. She could have had an entire life full of happy and joyful moments ahead of her. Sadly, it would never happen. Late Bobbi Kristina will always take a special place in her dad’s heart.

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