Alan Alda Gives Update On His Parkinson’s Disease Battle: “For Christ’s Sake, We All Die”

November 19, 2019 13:52

Alan Alda won’t let Parkinson’s disease a chance to break him down. The beloved MASH star shared an important update about his sad diagnosis.

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Alan Alda: Parkinson’s diagnosis

In 2018, Alan Alda made a heartbreaking revelation. The actor announced he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 3 years earlier.

Fans were surprised to find out about Alan Alda’s disease after he kept his health issues secret for years. But the MASH star made it loud and clear that he was not going to let the illness win.

The 83-year-old actor even joked on this matter:

I’m good. I shake a little, but I’m good.

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Health update

The treatment has been tough for Alan Alda, but he never loses hope. In fact, Alan admits that the most important in his condition is to stay optimistic no matter what.

He said in a recent interview with The Guardian:

I am sort of optimistic, so that represents hope for me.

Alan added:

I can get on with things but that’s not the same thing as saying: ‘Oh, why me?’ If not me, somebody else. Why anybody? Nature is uncertain and, to a great extent, destructive. For Christ’s sake, we all die.

Alda also keeps praising his wife Arlene for her incredible support and love which do not let him lose hope.

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The best thing which patients with Parkinson’s can do is staying on high spirits. Alan Alda follows this rule and we know he will defeat the disease!