He Won’t Resist: Jane Fonda Wants To Recruit Pamela Anderson To Persuade Donald Trump In Climate Change

December 18, 2019

Jane Fonda wants to make Donald Trump take a climate crisis seriously. While her public protest didn’t help, Fonda decided to persuade Trump using his weakness before beautiful women.

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Jane Fonda’s activism

Jane Fonda keeps making headlines over the last few weeks due to her protests against climate change. The actress was even arrested several times for her activism.

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Fonda made it loud and clear that she is not going to give up and decided to address President Donald Trump for help.

During her recent speech at the National Press Club, Jane Fonda said she wanted Trump to take the climate crisis seriously.

Previously, Donald already commented on Jane’s protests. The President said:

They arrested Jane Fonda, nothing changes. I remember 30, 40 years ago they arrested her. She’s always got the handcuffs on.

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Jane Fonda’s secret ‘weapon’

It looks like this time Jane Fonda has a secret ‘weapon’ to persuade Trump to take action against climate change. The Hollywood actress said she wants to recruit former model Pamela Anderson to protest with her.

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Fonda explained her position:

I'm going to get three or four of the most beautiful, voluptuous, brilliant climate activists - Pamela Anderson is one of them…We're all going to see Trump and we're going to get on our knees.

It seems like Jane Fonda is doing her best to stop the climate crisis. Maybe she’ll get what she wants with Pamela’s assistance.

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