Malia Obama Has A Sweet Relationship With Her Longtime Boyfriend Rory, The Good-Looking Harvard Student

November 12, 2019 11:04

Barack and Michelle Obama’s two daughters are all grown-up now and have turned into beautiful young ladies. But what about their personal lives? Malia Obama appears to be in a lasting romantic relationship with a handsome young man named Rory.

Who is Malia Obama’s boyfriend?

First love is an amazing and unforgettable feeling. Sometimes, it even results in a happy and lasting marriage.

Malia Obama, the daughter of the former US President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama, has turned into a charming young woman over the years.

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Since 2017, there’ve been a lot of talks in the media considering Malia’s personal life. At that time, the first daughter was spotted with a handsome young man, Rory Farquharson. Later, it became clear that Malia and Rory have been dating.

Malia and Rory met at Harvard. Farquharson was one of the best graduates of the most prestigious private school in the UK. He was a member of the rugby and golf teams.

No doubt, Rory is a very smart and intelligent young man. Rory’s father is a director of an investment company, and his mother works as an accountant.

Pros and cons of dating the first daughter

Of course, it’s not so easy for a young man to ask a girl he likes on a date. And imagine that you want to date with the president’s daughter. A guy should have enough courage to ask her out. Do you agree?

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For the first time, Malia and Rory were spotted as a couple kissing during a football match in 2017.

Once, a source close to the Obama family told Hollywood Life:

Boys are scared to approach Malia. She’s never had a serious boyfriend and she’s rarely anyone’s crush because she’s the President’s daughter.

The source reported:

Her parents are the coolest and most down-to-earth people on the planet, but the boys she knows aren’t interested in her because they fear her parents.

Well, Rory Farquharson is brave enough not to be afraid of Malia’s influential parents. We wish Rory and Malia the best of luck in their relationship!

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