Pat Sajak's Daughter Gives Update On His Health During Her 'Wheel Of Fortune' Appearance

January 8, 2020 17:56

Last year, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak announced that he was temporarily stepping down from the show due to his health. How's he doing now?

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What happened to Pat Sajak?

In November 2019, Pat Sajak was rushed to the hospital with a blocked intensine after experiencing "horrific pain" in his stomach, as he shared with Good Morning America.

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The Wheel of Fortune host recalled:

I didn’t know what it [was] — but within two and a half hours, I was in surgery. It was that quick and intense.

Sajak had to be hospitalized and underwent urgent surgery. The famous host went through a lot as blocked intestine symptoms are not for the faint of heart:

  • severe abdominal pain;
  • loss of appetite;
  • vomiting;
  • abdominal swelling.

We're lucky to still have Pat around! He's already back to taping new episodes, but before we get a chance to see him, Wheel of Fortune gifted us with a very nice surprise.

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Pat's daughter Maggie steps in on Wheel of Fortune

On January 6, Maggie Sajak appeared on her father's show alongside the current host Vanna White as a guest letter-turner. It was such a joy to see Maggie, she's such a beautiful woman!

Maggie promptly delivered an update on her father's health:

He's doing well. From the perspective of his daughter, it was a scary experience. I'm not gonna lie. But he's doing great, and I know he's so excited to be back next week.

Fun fact, this is the first time Maggie appears on Wheel of Fortune in 24 years! The first time she visited she'd only turned 1 years old. How the time flies!

People online react to Maggie's appearance

Many fans of the show took to Twitter to wish Pat good health and praised Maggie for her work on the show.

Pat joked on Twitter about his daughter appearing on the show saying "I like this new puzzle person." This really makes us miss Sajak's humor! We can't wait to see him back next week. Also big props to Vanna White for taking over while Sajak needed much needed time. Now back to regular programming!