Abby Huntsman Quits 'The View' Amid Reports Of Strained Relationship Among Co-Hosts

January 14, 2020

Abby Huntsman is saying goodbye to The View and fans are heartbroken.

Abby's career

Most notably known as one of the hosts of the daytime TV show, The View, Abby has gained even more recognition over the years. Before joining the show in its 22nd season, she was already a household name as an anchor and host for Fox & Friends Weekend.

According to her bio, Abby has also made a name for herself thanks to other hosting gigs on MSNBC's The Cycle and HuffPost Live. Her college internship positions at Good Morning America and World News Tonight served as the foundation for her vibrant career.

Drama with co-host

As a show that has to do with different hosts sharing various opinions, it's not surprising that things have gotten heated on The View from time to time. There have been arguments between co-hosts as each one feels passionate about her opinion.

Of recent, there have also been reports about a strained relationship between Abby and her co-host Meghan McCain. Both ladies normally see eye to eye since they are both from Republican background. However, CNN reported that they have had some issues lately.

Sources told the publication that the cause of the ladies' issue has to do with what Meghan perceives as Abby's overexcitement for her children. Meghan has always been open about dealing with fertility struggles and reportedly warned Abby that her enthusiasm for her kids was insensitive.

Leaving The View

During a recent episode of The View, Abby announced that she will be leaving the show mainly to work on her father, Jon Huntsman Jr.'s campaign as governor of Utah. She said:

Today, I'm saying good-bye.

She further added that this was a decision she spent time considering but she looked forward to working with her dad as a senior adviser on his campaign. She also expressed that she will be spending more time with her family.

Her last day on The View as a co-host is January 17.


People have been expressing how sad they are about Abby leaving the show.

Social media users dropped comments wishing her well while revealing they will miss her very much.

More facts about Abby Huntsman

If the only things you know about Abby is her role as co-host on The View, you may appreciate some of these facts about her.

  • She married her college sweetheart Jeffrey Bruce Livingston in 2010.
  • She's an author. Her book Who Will I Be? was published in 2018.
  • She's a proud mom of three who often shares snaps of her children on her social media account, especially Instagram.

Abby Huntsman has created a well-rounded career for herself even before joining the women of The View. While on the show, she made big impacts and expressed her views even when different from those of others. Fans have come to love the passion and intelligence she displayed on The View.

At times like this, even as we're sad to see her go, we wish her well as she faces the next steps in her life and career. We definitely haven't heard the last of her and her fans continue rooting for her.

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