No Timeline For Grief: Joaquin Phoenix Gives A Rare Insight Into His Brother's Death After 27 Years

January 14, 2020

The most popular actor nowadays, Joaquin Phoenix, lost his beloved brother to an overdose almost three decades ago. It turned out that the Joker star and his sister, Rain, were the ones to found their lifeless sibling, so it substantially affected his life.

Joaquin Phoenix's brother, River, was also a promising actor and even an Academy Award-nominee. Although he was a troubled kid, he also inspired his younger sibling to pursue an acting career, so Joaquin has to say a big 'thank you' to River.

Joaquin Phoenix's siblings

It's been 27 years since River Phoenix tragically passed away, but his younger brother never ceases to commemorate him. In the 60 Minutes Interview with Anderson Cooper, the Joker star candidly reflected on his ongoing grief.

Joaquin said he still experienced pain over losing his elder brother, and this heartbreak and grief could hit any moment: while driving, sitting on a chair, or doing something else.

I mean, there is no timeline or no place where, you know. It just happens. And I welcome it.

Joaquin Phoenix and his family

The Phoenix family found some ways to keep River's legacy:

  • Rain Phoenix became a musician and dedicated one of her albums to her brother.
  • Joaquin Phoenix always credits his career to his elder sibling.
  • Parents run a non-profit organization named after River, dealing with social injustice and conflict resolutions.

The most heartbreaking moment for the Hollywood actor was to see his brother dying in his arms. Before passing, River encouraged Joaquin to become an actor, and it's been his best decision so far.

He did not ask me, he told me, and I am indebted to him because being an actor gave me an incredible life.

During 27 years, the 45-year-old has felt his brother's presence everywhere he goes and in everything he does. River Phoenix was the closest to Joaquin, and his death made his teen world fall apart. Nevertheless, the A-lister found power and strength to move on and live a life his sibling would have been proud of.

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