New Love Interest? Tom Cruise Was Spotted With A Mystery Blonde Woman Boarding A Helicopter In London

December 20, 2019

Does Tom Cruise have a girlfriend now? This question, probably, is one of the most common ones on social media. The actor was married three times, including Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes, and all relationships ended due to his radical Scientology views.

Though he's not very open about his love life nowadays, he's frequently seen with his son, Connor, who has followed in his dad's footsteps in the religious movement.

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Tom Cruise's latest girlfriend

On December 19, the Mission Impossible star was spotted with a blonde mystery woman while boarding a helicopter in London.

Tom Cruise, who is set to reprise his role as Maverick in 2020's Top Gun sequel, was in high spirits being accompanied by a female companion in the capital of the UK. The identity of the mystery figure is yet to be identified, but the actor was seemingly delighted beside her.

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It is no wonder that the Hollywood heartthrob is exceptionally cagey about his personal life. You won't see or hear him talk about his previous marriages or children's activities, or at least, it happens extremely rarely.

Tom Cruise's love life

The father-of-three had been single since his divorce from Katie Holmes seven years ago. However, a friend who is close to the actor revealed to HollywoodLife that Tom Cruise frequently dates, but he isn't very serious about anybody.

Besides, he reportedly doesn't want to get married again. The source added:

Since his heartbreaking, very public split with Katie, Tom has been hesitant to live out loud or fall in love again, and sometimes he feels like it will be OK if he never marries again. Tom does casually date women, but never in public. He is always very private, and he does not have a steady girlfriend.

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Moreover, Tom Cruise is a devoted Scientologist, and he usually dates females who share the same spiritual interests and perspectives, which "narrows his field when choosing a romantic partner."

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The Hollywood star is admittedly notoriously private regarding his private life. Hence, it's impossible to find out more details that would be credible.

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