Heal My Heartache: Catherine Bach’s New Man Taught Her To Love Again After Her Husband’s Unexpected Suicide

December 23, 2019

Catherine Bach is one of the most famous personalities across the globe. This American beauty is best known for portraying Daisy Duke in CBS’ TV series, The Dukes of Hazzard.

Aside from the acting career, Catherine Bach has been married twice to date. Her first husband was David Shaw, Angela Lansbury’s step-son. Their relationship ended after five years without having any children. It is still unknown why the couple parted their ways.

Catherine Bach’s heartbreak

Her second husband was Peter Lopez, who worked as an entertainment lawyer. Catherine gave birth to two daughters, Sophia and Laura, throughout their 20-year marriage. Everything turned out dark on April 30, 2010 — Bach’s second partner committed suicide at 60 years old.

The Dukes of Hazzard star was devastated, following the tragic death of her husband, Peter Lopez. The entertainment lawyer reportedly took his own life by shooting in the head at the family’s house.

Catherine Bach now

Despite Catherine Bach’s pain, the actress managed to find a new partner, Peter Repovich. In October 2015, she revealed to Radar Online that she had found love again with a man who could mend her heartache.

It’s been some time now since that happened, but I have moved on. I’m really doing well right now. I have the love of my beautiful daughters and a lot of love in my life, so everything has turned out alright.

The African Skies star added that Peter was very special to her, as he had taught her how to love unconditionally all over again.

We are very happy together. He is a very special guy.

The Hollywood actress decided to tell the story of her late spouse to the world in case it might help somebody, regardless of her pain and grief.

In an interview with HuffPost in 2013, Catherine Bach recalled the day, saying there were no apparent signs of his suicidal inclinations. On April 30, 2010, Bach found Peter Lopez’s note, which expressed his love for Catherine and their daughters, asking for forgiveness. Yet, it did not give any revelations to why he committed suicide.

Despite everything horrifying, Catherine Bach is now happy again. The Dukes of Hazzard actress still flaunts her toned body, enjoys her motherhood with two daughters, and spends all her spare time with Peter.

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