Kaia Gerber Is Getting Serious With Pete Davidson But Her Mom Cindy Crawford Reportedly Disapproves

December 24, 2019

Pete Davidson has landed some of the world's hottest women and now the beautiful Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford's daughter, is the new lady in his life. In the past, he has gone out with such big names as Ariana Grande and even actress Kate Beckinsale who happens to be over 20 years older than he is.

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Pete Davidson's appeal

People have often wondered about how this 26-year-old comedian managed to snag such lovely ladies. Kaia Gerber's boyfriend is a ladies' man indeed and there's something that draws the most gorgeous women to him.

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The UKSun opined that his ability to show affection for his partners, even publicly, could be a part of his appeal. And of course, thanks to his profession, he probably makes them laugh a lot as well, which is one attractive trait for a partner.

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In addition to Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale, some of Pete Davidson's past girlfriends, according to People, include actress Margaret Qualley, Cazzie David and Carly Aquilino.

Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson's relationship

Reports that these two are in a love affair was fueled when they took a trip to Miami Beach together. According to Harper's Bazaar, 18-year-old Kaia was spotted making out with her 26-year-old beau and they appeared to be hot and heavy. They were also seen holding hands and being very much in each other's space.

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During an episode of Saturday Night Live, Pete made a joke alluding to his relationship with Kaia. He referred to co-host Colin Jost's relationship with Scarlett Johansson and wondered why people were so hard on him (Pete) about dating a famous woman too.

You get to date a famous woman and everyone’s delighted, but when I do it, the world wants to punch me in the throat.

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All these had fans coming to the conclusion that Kaia and Pete are definitely an item.

Cindy Crawford disapproves

Kaia Gerber's mother, Cindy Crawford, is reportedly having a problem with her teenage daughter's relationship with Pete Davidson. The young girl's father, Rande Gerber isn't on board either.

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One of her concerns is the 8-year age difference between the couple. In addition, Cindy and Rande are reported to be worried about Pete's reputation for having short-term relationships with famous Hollywood stars. In fact, the parents are allegedly holding on to the hope that the relationship will come to an end really soon.

Sources described Kaia as being "slightly naive" and her family always felt they needed to watch out for her. And as for her dating Pete, her parents are choosing to adopt a hands-on approach to prevent anything untoward from happening.

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What to do when you disapprove of your teen's boyfriend

It's a common occurrence for parents to be extra protective when it comes to people their children date. According to FamilyEducation, some things you must remember in situations like this include:

  1. Don't push them away: Tread lightly on the matter. Being too aggressive will only alienate you from your child and can destroy your relationship.
  2. Do some self-reflection: Think about why you're averse to their relationship. Are you being unnecessarily judgmental or biased? Or do you have a valid reason?
  3. Express concerns: If you have valid reasons for your concerns, then talk to her about them. Give her a chance to defend her relationship and possibly assuage your fears.
  4. Trust her: Presumably, you raised a young girl who knows what's best for her. Let her see the relationship through. Even if it doesn't work out, it's still a lesson learned. And sometimes, that's important.

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Young love feels really good. The couple is constantly excited about future possibilities while enjoying each other's company. Kaia is probably having a fantastic time with her new man. And even though Cindy may not agree, it seems she's still giving her daughter a chance to follow her heart. Here's hoping that things work out for everyone involved.

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