Bored With Miley? Cody Simpson Seen "Flirting" With Other Women, Reports Say

December 25, 2019 11:49

Just like Miley Cyrus, Cody Simpson is a free spirit who doesn't allow himself to be encumbered by the rules of dating. So when these two became an item, it appeared to be the perfect match.

Their love story

Singers Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson hit it off shortly after she ended things with her ex Liam Hemsworth. The couple reported started dating in October 2019 and their romance got super hot really fast.

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Sources revealed that the 27-year-old singer didn't expect to fall in love so soon after her marriage ended. The insider explained that Miley was taken by surprise by her feelings for 22-year-old Cody who did all he could to win her heart in a short time.

These two even made their relationship 'TikTok' official thanks to these sweet moments between them. You kind of can't deny that they look like a fun-loving, happy couple.

Things moved quite quickly for Miley and Cody but did their romance crash as swiftly as it began?

Miley Cyrus' boyfriend spotted with other women

The thing about Miley and Cody's relationship is that no one is exactly sure where they stand. While some reports claim they are just having fun, i.e not exclusive with each other, others believe they have broken up for good. Either of these situations may explain why he was caught flirting with other ladies.

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The young singer was reportedly seen having a great time partying with other women. One eyewitness told RadarOnline that Cody was surrounded by girls at a New York City lounge and he thoroughly enjoyed the attention.

The source said:

He was on his phone a lot, but also at one point he was sitting in the booth and girls were on both sides, and he was just flirting with them.

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Another source informed Page Six that Cody went as far as kissing one of the women on the lips. In a statement to ENews, however, Cody denied cheating on Miley. Via his agent, he told the outlet that the rumors of him getting hot and heavy with other ladies were "fabricated."

A day prior to these reports, Cody was seen in another compromising situation. He was reportedly spotted hanging out with Playboy model Jordy Murray with Miley nowhere in sight.

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Amid all of these, Miley Cyrus shared an Instagram post about what it's like to be lonely around the holidays which ignited rumors of trouble in her relationship.

All in all, people are left wondering if these two are still an item, or whether the situation is being misinterpreted.

Cody Simpson's sister weighs in

In an interview with the UK DailyMail, Australian singer Alli Simpson confirmed that her brother Cody and Miley are still very much together. She also explained that Cody and Jordy are best friends whose relationship is purely platonic.

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In addition, Alli hinted that Miley and her boyfriend have fun plans for the holidays so the split rumors are untrue.

Sweet things the couple has said about each other

For all intents and purposes, Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson continue to prove they are a couple in love. Here are some ways they have expressed their feelings.

  • She once referred to him as her "idol" in an Instagram post.
  • Many years ago, Cody named Miley as his childhood celebrity crush.
  • Cody told GQ Australia in 2015 that he was working on becoming more open-minded like Miley who had been a very helpful best friend.

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Miley's romantic life has been making headlines for a while now. Things appeared to have worked out for the best when she settled down with Liam. But now that that's over, it's pretty clear that she's open to exploring her options and building relationships with whoever makes her feel good. Love her or hate her, you still have to admit that her approach to life and love is pretty brave,

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