Oscar-Winning Looks! Legendary Daniel Day-Lewis' Dashing Son Inherited His Prominent Jawline And Piercing Eyes

November 21, 2019 12:58

Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis is very protective of his personal life. He's always preferred to keep his identity away from movie fans, so that he never overshadows his characters.

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Still, there are a few things that we know about the Lincoln star, but, currently, we're the most interested in his handsome son with former partner Isabelle Adjani.

Who is Daniel Day-Lewis' oldest son?

Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis was born in 1995, only a few months after his famous parent ended their 6-year long relationship.

Daniel's oldest son is nothing like his father in terms of privacy. Gabriel-Kane is an aspiring model and singer, so attending various events and high-profile parties is part of his job description.

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Gabriel-Kane also often appears at fashion shows and completely steals spotlight away from the runway.

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There's no denying that Gabriel-Kane inherited his father's good looks, which really comes in handy in his modeling career. Daniel and his son practically share the same jawline!

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We definitely see a bright future for Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis. Hope to see more of him soon!

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