The One That Got Away: Never-Married Tim Curry Had One Love In His Lifetime, But He Couldn't Hold On To It

November 5, 2019

Tim Curry is one of the most talented character actors in Hollywood with iconic roles in It and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which people associate mostly with his performances.

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Curry's personal life is a sad one though. He has never been married and remains childless to this day. There was, however, love in Tim's life – with his agent Marcia Hurwitz.

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Tim Curry's only known relationship

Various rumors had always surrounded Tim Curry as he had never been seen with a woman until his agent Marcia came into picture.

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Through decades it seemed suspicious that Curry remained single, so many people questioned his personal life and sexuality in general.

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However, reports say that Tim was involved with Marcia Hurwitz, his dedicated agent, for several years, although the exact time frame is not specified.

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It's believed that Tim and Marcia split several years before his wheelchair binding stroke in 2012. The two remained friends.

How is Tim doing these days?

After suffering a terrible stroke, Curry had gone through tough times. But he's a fighter and was able to recover well enough to attend various events, including the Actors Fund Tony Awards Viewing Party at which he received a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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In 2017, the actor even performed on Broadway, so Tim's spirits are tough ones to break.

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