Love Is Real! Bette Midler Celebrates 35th Wedding Anniversary With Her Beloved Husband Martin Von Haselberg

December 16, 2019

Bette Midler is an epitome of a successful human being. Her professional career is off the charts as she won three Grammy Awards, four Golden Globes, three Emmy Awards, and a Tony Award with over 30 million records sold worldwide.

But did you know that the legendary performer was also able to build a strong and healthy marriage while conquering the entertainment industry?

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Bette Midler celebrates 35th wedding anniversary with her husband

Bette Midler and her husband Martin von Haselberg has been married since December 16, 1984, and today, the lovebirds are overjoyed to be celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary.

Such an impressive milestone wouldn't have been possible without mutual respect, love, and understanding, which Bette and Martin's marriage has plenty of.

Bette and Martin also share beautiful and talented daughter Sophie. She followed in her famous mom's footsteps and became an actress. You might've seen Sophie in Woody Allen's Irrational Man or TV show The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.

Midler can't help but praise her husband as an incredible father to their daughter. She said in an interview with PEOPLE:

My husband is probably the greatest father who ever lived. He’s fantastic. He picked up the slack when I was on the road. He taught her a foreign language. He taught her to cook.

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What's Bette and Martin's secret?

The famous performer once discussed the secret of her happy marriage with PEOPLE, and had the following to say:

I think the secret is giving each other a lot of lead and a lot of room and not being in each other’s faces all the time.

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Bette also added:

Don’t diminish each other. Don’t make each other less. Don’t try to make each other wrong all the time. Don’t blame. Stop assigning blame. The blaming, I think, is the worst part. It’s so [easy to do], because you don’t want to carry the burden yourself. You want to push it onto someone else.But honestly, you have to learn not to do that.

We wholeheartedly wish this lovely couple a happy anniversary and hope to be doing that for many more years to come. Here's to another 35!

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