Christopher Reeve's Lookalike Son Pays Heartfelt Tribute To His Father 15 Years After His Death: 'His Legacy Will Always Live On'

November 18, 2019 13:07

Christopher Reeve is known to most people as the best on-screen Superman, but he was so much more than that. The famous actor worked tirelessly on improving spinal cord research to help people with disabilities after his own wheelchair-binding accident in 1995.

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Despite his condition, Reeve gave his all and performed as Chairman of the American Paralysis Association until his death in 2004. Christopher was only 54 years old.

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Over 15 years since Chrstopher Reeve's passing, his Foundation is still flourishing thanks to his children's work.

Will Reeve remembers his late father

Christopher Reeve's son William appeared at the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation‘s “A Magical Evening” gala and talked to PEOPLE about his parents' legacy:

I think his legacy is never going to go away and think that is a responsibility that I feel, to carry his and my mother’s legacy on for the rest of my life and hopefully beyond that.

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The Christopher Reeve Foundation transformed into Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation in 2006, after the late actor's wife passed away from lung cancer. Will continued on its impact:

I think that the foundation is one way, one tangible way, that his legacy and my mom’s legacy will always live on. And I think the way that I, and my siblings, live our lives is another way. And I think that his impact is felt by the millions of lives that he touched.

Will Reeve is incredibly proud to know that his father isn't just Superman in people's eyes, but he's remembered for his important work:

But more than being their favorite Superman, they say, ‘He was one of my favorite people.' Because he inspired them in ways that had nothing to do with movies.

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People online still pay tributes to Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve will never be forgotten and we're so delighted to see that his children continue the amazing work that he started.

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