Who Is Peter Scanavino’s Wife? "Law & Order: SVU" Star Is Happily Married To Lisha Bai

December 23, 2019

Peter Scanavino is one of Law And Order: SVU’s biggest stars. The actor has done a lot of TV work, yet his role of detective Dominick Carisi Jr. is the one that made him famous.

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Peter Scanavino’s Law And Order job reportedly helped him to earn over $700,000 net worth. The 39-year-old is one of those celebs who like to leave their private lives under closed doors.

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But what do we actually know about Peter Scanavino’s wife, Lisha Bai?

Peter Scanavino and Lisha Bai’s marriage

Peter Scanavino has a lovely family. He has been married to his long-time lady love, Lisha Bai. We don’t know the couple’s dating history or when they got engaged. There is no information about their wedding date either.

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What we do know is that Peter Scanavino and his wife have been together for a long time and they seem to be very happy. Lisha Bai and Peter Scanavino are actually proud parents, too.

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The couple is raising 2 children: sons, Ludo and Leo. It’s been reported that Leo was born in 2016 but there is no information about Peter and Lisha’s first child’s date of birth. There are some speculations that Ludo was born with Down’s syndrome but we don’t know whether it’s true.

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Lisha Bai might not be famous but she has a number of achievements to be proud of. She is a professional artist, who studied Painting at Yale and Washington Universities.

Bai has been making exhibitions since 2002 and not only in the US. Her latest work was shown in London, which is something she’s extremely proud of.

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It seems that Scanavino is drawn to the artsy type as his own brother David is also an artist, who works in New York. What a talented family they are!

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