Who Is 'BBC' Presenter Steph McGovern's Partner? She Has A Girlfriend With Whom She Welcomed A Baby

November 19, 2019 11:48

Who is Steph McGovern’s partner? The TV host has charmed everyone with her warm personality but we don’t know much about her personal life. Steph McGovern has worked on BBC Breakfast for the last five years yet only recently we found out she is not actually single. But what do we know about Steph’s love life?

Who is Steph McGovern’s girlfriend?

McGovern is clearly an expert in keeping private life private. We still don’t really know who her partner is. All we know that Steph has a girlfriend who works in the TV industry, too.

According to Hello! Magazine, McGovern’s partner has a TV executive job but that’s about all that is speculated about her. However, recently we’ve discovered a very interesting detail about Steph’s life - the 37-year-old has just given birth! After so many rumors about her pregnancy, the TV presenter announced that she was indeed expecting in July.

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According to The Sun’s report, McGovern and her other half were ‘absolutely thrilled’ to discover that they will become parents. It was said:

Everyone at the Beeb is delighted too – she is one of the most popular faces on and off the red sofa. But she won’t be doing any magazine shoots any time soon – she values her privacy too much.

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The lucky news arrived on November 4 when Steph announced she gave birth to a baby girl. The BBC presenter decided to take some time off to adjust to motherhood.

McGovern assured everyone that she and her baby daughter are feeling well. The new mom is excited about her new journey and we hope she will show her daughter to us very soon!