Singer Andy Williams’ Wife Of 20 Years Stayed By His Side Until He Took His Final Breath Due To Cancer

November 5, 2019 11:11

Music legend Andy Williams was blessed with a wonderful wife Debbie, who stayed by his side till his final breath.

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Andy Williams’ love story with wife Debbie

Andy Williams managed to build a successful career as one of the greatest American singers. He recorded 43 albums and was nominated for Grammy Awards 6 times. However, his greatest life achievement was his happy and lasting marriage.

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Andy Williams had one failed marriage in his baggage before he met his true and only love, Debbie Meyer. Debbie managed to find a key to Andy’s heart when he thought he would never remarry again.

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Once, the singer confessed that he fell in love with Meyer at first sight. In 1991, the lovebirds tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony.

Though the spouses never had children of their own, Debbie became a doting step-mom to Andy’s three kids from the first marriage.

Andy and Debbie shared all the joy and sadness together, just as they promised in their wedding vows. They did so until the singer took his final breath in 2012.

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She’ll meet him on the other side

In 2011, Andy Williams was diagnosed with a severe form of bladder cancer. The spouses relocated from California to Malibu where Williams underwent chemotherapy treatment.

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Despite doctors’ efforts, Andy Williams lost his battle with cancer. Debbie stayed by her beloved husband’s side until his final breath. A thousand of people attended the singer’s funeral. Debbie made her best to stay strong when she wanted to cry inside.

After Andy’s demise, she confessed:

My husband made me believe in love at first sight.

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Andy Williams’ love story with wife Debbie makes us believe in true love. They stayed together for amazing 20 years and will reunite someday on the other side.

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