‘MASH’ Star Mike Farrell Got Candid On Taking Care Of His Wife Who Needed A Liver Transplant

December 23, 2019

Men rarely talk about their weaknesses or having dark times. For some reason, they think it shows them weak in women’s eyes. MASH actor Mike Farrell kept silence about his personal struggles for a long time, even when he had to deal with his wife’s health issues and mother-in-law’s Alzheimer’s.

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Mike Farrell’s family life

Mike Farrell is best-known for his role as B.J. Hunnicutt in the popular series MASH. The actor joined the cast in the end of the third season and immediately got love and admiration among the series’ fans.

It appeared that Mike Farrell was a big fan of the show before joining its cast. It’s true to say here that dreams definitely come true!

Interesting fact! Mike’s signature mustache in the series was actually his good pal Alan Alda’s idea. Alda suggested that mustache would perfectly complete Farrell’s image on MASH.

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Mike Farrell has one failed marriage in his baggage. The actor was married to actress Judy Hayden, who was actually on MASH with him. They have two children together.

The couple divorced after 20 years of marriage. Farrell explained that their love just faded away, but the ex-spouses managed to stay on good terms.

Mike Farrell’s wife’s health issues

Mike Farrell’s second wife is actress Shelley Fabares. She starred in his TV series The Interns.

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Mike and Shelley’s marriage life faced pressure at the very beginning due to the actor’s kids. They didn’t want to accept their dad’s new wife as a replacement of their mother.

Shelley explained why it was so:

The divorce was very hard on the kids.

But initially, she could find the path to their hearts. Now Shelly has warm relationships with her husband’s kids from the previous marriage.

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Mike Farrell’s faced another challenge when Shelley was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis.

In 2000, the actress underwent complicated surgery of liver transplantation. Fortunately, the operation was successful. With her husband’s support, Shelley could recover.

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Mother-in-law’s Alzheimer’s

Mike Farrell knows that feeling when some of your family members have health issues and require your help and support. His mother-in-law was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the disease which affects a person’s memory and thinking skills.

Mike took care of his mother-in-law, describing those times as “a role without a script.” The actor added:

It’s a hard job.

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Mike Farrell had many ups and downs in his personal life, but he could overcome all life challenges with dignity and faith in the better. Where did he find the inner strength? His wife and family were always there like a breath of fresh air amid the tough times.

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