‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Daniela Ruah Has A Big Tattoo On Her Back Which Is Smartly Covered Up In The Series

December 2, 2019 09:23

It appears fans don’t know NCIS: Los Angeles star Daniela Ruah as good as they think. The gorgeous actress hires one significant detail on her body which is smartly covered up in the series.

Daniela Ruah’s tattoo: its hidden meaning

Daniela Ruah is best-known for her role as Kensi in the popular series NCIS: Los Angeles. This gorgeous brunette actress has perfectly fit in the role of a special agent.

Daniela has certain common features with her character and it relates to her body too. Ruah’s heroine Kensi has tattoos on her arms and back. The actress also has a tattoo, though it’s hidden from fans and is smartly covered up in the series.

Daniela Ruah has a big tattoo on her back. She reportedly got it in honor of her children: son River and daughter Sierra.

The tattoo shows mountains with a river. The mountains represent Daniela’s daughter Sierra and the river means her son’s name.

Daniela got her tattoo in 2018. She wrote about it:

After much planning, searching, and thinking, I finally did it.

Daniela Ruah’s birthmark

Daniela’s body keeps another mystery. The actress was born with the unusual birthmark on her eye, which she later turned into her “trademark.”

Getty Images / Ideal Image

If you look closer at Daniela’s photos, you’ll see that one of her eyes is darker than another. The star said that sometimes, her pictures have to be photoshopped due to this.

Ruah admits:

Sometimes my appearance gets photoshopped. It drives me crazy.

Daniela Ruah is undoubtedly a very attractive woman. Her tattoo and her birthmark only add uniqueness and a certain charm to her looks.

Besides, it’s so sweet that Daniela honored her children in such a sweet way. Now they are always close to her heart. She is a talented actress, a fabulous woman, and a loving mother.

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