Three-Time Oscar Winner Daniel Day-Lewis' Spouse Of 23 Years Rebecca Miller Made His Perfect Match

November 25, 2019

Daniel Day-Lewis has been happily married to Rebecca Miller for 23 years and counting. Their relationship survived ups and downs, but there is something that keeps them together for more than two decades.

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Who is Daniel Day-Lewis’ spouse?

Daniel Day-Lewis, a talented and world-recognized actor and three-time Oscar winner, admits he is not an easy person to live with. However, his wife of 23 years Rebecca Miller managed to win Daniel’s heart.

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Rebecca Miller’s father is a playwright and her mother is a photographer. Rebecca decided to follow in her dad’s footsteps and now she is a successful novelist and filmmaker.

Daniel Day-Lewis and Rebecca Miller started dating in 1996 and got married months later. They share many interests together, including their passion for cinematography, meaning their work has never been an obstacle to a happy marriage.

In 2005, the spouses worked together on the film The Ballad of Jack and Rose, which starred Day-Lewis and was directed and written by Miller.

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Rebecca Miller talks about her husband

When Rebecca Miller was asked about what it feels like to be married to the eminent Daniel Day-Lewis, she gave a sweet response.

Rebecca said:

He’s amazing… And amazing at looking at performance and having suggestions about that as well… He’s a very, very honest person so you know that whatever you’re hearing is the truth.

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The spouses appreciate honesty between them and share all ups and downs together.

Big and happy family

Daniel Day-Lewis and Rebecca Millar have two wonderful sons together. The actor also has a son from his previous relationship.

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All his children inherited Daniel Day-Lewis’ natural charm, charisma, and handsome looks. His son Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis even works as a model.

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Daniel Day-Lewis has reached great success in his career, but what he appreciates most of all is his big and loving family.

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