Bode Miller's Wife Pays Tribute To Her Late Daughter On What Would've Been Her 3rd Birthday

November 7, 2019 16:00

On June 10, 2018, the retired Olympic skier and his family were shaken to their core. Bode and Morgan Miller‘s youngest child, 19-month-old daughter Emeline Grier died after being drowned in a pool.

It's been more than a year since the tragedy happened. But, for the heartbroken parents, the wounds are still fresh.

The couple welcomed son Easton in October of the same year. He and their other boy, Nash Skan helped them heal to some extent. However, not a day goes by when Bode and Morgan don't miss Emeline. The father told Hollywood Life:

They [their children] kind of force you to engage in things, in life… Without them, I think we [Morgan & I] would have been much worse off in terms of like recovery.

Dark celebration

On November 5, Emeline would've turned 3 and could be relishing the cake of her 3rd birthday. Her mother's heart must be oozing with pain on the occasion.

Morgan took to Instagram stories and wished her late baby girl, a happy birthday in paradise. In the first post, she shared the portrait in which Emeline was just a newborn. Her skin was still pure and she was resonating hope.

© morganebeck / Instagram

For the second one, the mournful mom chose a recent picture. Emeline was seen in a pink frock with matching bow, showing off her rosy cheeks and playful side. Morgan wrote:

Today would've been your 3rd birthday. We miss you so much.

© morganebeck / Instagram

People feel for the family's agony

@Nicole Walsh:

The thought of this mother’s pain makes my chest tight and hard to breath 💔 I can’t even try to imagine what this family is going through 😢😭

@Melody Schallock-wahl:

I lost my baby the same way.31 years ago.the pain is always there,you just learn to livw with it.i think of my baby everyday

@Amanda Ramon:

I can’t read this without sobbing. I feel for them so badly. It was such an honest mistake. I can’t imagine their pain, especially Morgan’s. 💔

@Sherri Parlato Oursler:

So so sorry for your lost...I know what you are feeling...I lost my son in 91..he also drown at a public pool with lots of people and lifeguards. I was not there...

Bode and his wife have gone through an unimaginable amount of grief. Emeline's loss will be gnawing at their brains forever. We wish them healing. Share this and support the strong family.

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