Andy Spade Posts Powerful Message On What Would Have Been Kate Spade's 57th Birthday

December 25, 2019 15:56

Andy Spade is still a man who misses his beloved wife. And his words about her continue to tug at our heartstrings.

Andy Spade and Kate Spade's love story

Before Kate Spade became Kate Spade, the brand had already existed. Andy and Kate met when they were both students at Arizona State University. They started off as friends and became much more.

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Formerly Katie Brosnahan, she and Andy Spade decided to launch a business after Katie felt there were certain designs missing in the world of handbags. Over time, these two became more than just friends and lovers, they were business partners. She shared their story on NPR's How I Built This.

Together, they launched the Kate Spade brand which was a combination of her first name and his surname. In a matter of years, she tied the knot with Andy and officially became the name and face known as Kate Spade.

An important message

A little over a year after Kate passed away, her husband, Andy, shared a poignant post on December 24th, the date that should have been her 57th birthday.

Andy posted an adorable photo of his and Kate's daughter, Frances Beatrix Spade, nicknamed Bea. In the caption, he revealed how much Kate loved the little girl and shared how he chose to use this date to reflect on the importance of mental health.

Andy advised people to keep an eye out for private problems their loved ones might be facing and for those struggling, he urged them to speak up.

Some of us are too embarrassed or prideful to admit we have flaws. Please don’t hide from them. There is no shame in having flaws.

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He further added that those feeling helpless, depressed or lost should seek help wherever possible. He encouraged people to check in on friends and relatives to ensure they are alright.

Sometimes they won’t tell you how they are feeling but nudge them to find out.

Reaction to Andy's message

Fans have expressed their heartbreak and shared encouraging words in response to Andy's post.

Kate Spade's death

The famous designer passed away in June 2018 in her New York Apartment. It was reported that she died of an apparent suicide after struggling with mental illness and depression.

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In a tribute he shared shortly after she died, Andy Spade described her as "the most beautiful woman" and the "kindest person."

He confirmed that Kate experienced anxiety and depression for years but she could not seek help.

Tips for helping loved ones who suffer from depression

Anyone can find themselves in a situation where they're worried about a loved one who seems to be coping with depression. According to HelpGuide, here are a few things you can do.

  • Have a calm and conversation about the signs you've noticed. And be sure to listen.
  • Suggest they seek help and offer to go with them if they are nervous.
  • Validate their emotions, never underestimate it.
  • Encourage them to be active and show your support as they go through the process of getting help.

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Watching a loved one struggle can be really tough. But the alternative should never be to ignore them or keep telling them to "look on the bright side." Speak up if you notice dangerous signs. And take Andy's advice by checking in on loved ones, even those you think her strong, happy and capable. You must also reach out to others if you're in a dark place. It's our job as humans to look out for ourselves and each other.

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