These Two! Prince William And Duchess Kate Caught In A Spontaneous And Sweet PDA At The Troubadour White City Theatre

November 13, 2019 15:00

Kate Middleton and Prince William have had their shares of ups and downs in their relationship. Even before getting married, the couple dated on-and-off before finally deciding to settle down.

Now, as they build their family, they are still faced with a few dramas including some unfounded reports that the Duke was having an affair with one of Kate's friends Rose Hanbury.

Of course, these allegations weren't proven and the rumors eventually died down, but it's amazing to see that they haven't negatively impacted the couple's relationship.

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William and Kate's PDA moment

To prove that they are still as connected as ever, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were caught in a swift PDA moment while they were at the Troubadour White City Theatre.

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The royal couple very rarely shows public displays of affection during official royal duties so it was pretty amazing to witness this sweet one.

William and Kate were arriving at the Shout's Crisis Volunteer event when the Duke was caught on camera giving his wife a quick rub on the back while they were greeting people.

It was such a spontaneous moment that showed just how comfortable the Duke was around his wife. And we have a feeling this gesture was something he had done more than a few times.

Social media comments

People reacted to the Cambridge couple online.

@Aladeni Deniso:

Kate is the perfection itself.

@Nakimbugwe Sofia:

Lovely but aging so fast.

It's always nice to see William and Kate so happy and connected. Since getting married in 2011 and welcoming three awesome kids, these two somehow only seem to get stronger by the day. With loving glances at each other and happy smiles, they do give fans the impression that things are going great in the marriage.

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