Possible Feud Between 'Law & Order: SVU' Co-Stars Mariska Hargitay And Diane Neal Was Fueled By Diane's "Bad Mouth"

November 26, 2019 16:12

Diane Neal and Mariska Hargitay from Law and Order are known to be two talented and respected actresses. But it turned out that these two probably weren't getting along in real life.

Working with Diane is not something Mariska Hargitay now has to worry about considering the fact that the former has actually exited the show.

According to ENews, Diane appeared on Law & Order: SVU from 2003 to 2008. She left the show but later returned as a recurring character between 2009 and 2012 after which she left for good.

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Diane Neal's SVU character may have come to an end but her relationship with co-star Mariska Hargitay still raises some questions.

Diane Neal slammed Mariska Hargitay on 'Law and Order' set

Mariska Hargitay's SVU character as Olivia Benson is basically iconic as she has been playing the same role for several years now. Usually, she has good things to say about her co-stars but Diane Neal may not be a fan of Mariska Hargitay as an actress.

According to reports by PageSix, Diane Neal, according to 2019 court documents, once slammed Mariska, calling her a "total b*tch."

Diane also allegedly described her co-stars as "awful people" in a comment made to her former campaign manager Rachael Himsel who wrote them in an email to an unnamed person.

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The email was one of the exhibits in a lawsuit by Diane's ex-boyfriend, JB Benn while denying claims that he abused her.

During Diane Neal's interview with the publication, however, she denied making these comments about her former co-star, saying:

There is no truth to this at all. Most of the people I’ve worked with are amazing, I love almost everyone I’ve ever worked with.

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In her comments, Diane implied that she and Mariska may not have gotten along but this didn't mean there was bad blood between them.

Mariska and I were not the closest, but that doesn’t mean we have any animosity towards each other, we’re still very supportive of each other. She’s a great mom, she’s great as Benson, she’s doing great charity work. I have never talked about the cast members like this, it’s salacious and untrue.

Changes on the TV show

Diane Neal has left Law and Order: SVU but this was only one of the many casting changes that have taken place on the series over the years. And it seems like Season 21 will only bring with it new changes.

Executive producer Warren Leight told TVInsider that this will be "a year of transition" for the cast of the show.

Mariska Hargitay has proven to be a real talent and rumors of her being the subject of Diane Neal's anger remain just that, rumors, seeing as neither of them confirmed such a situation.

On whether Mariska and Diane really got along on the set of Law & Order: SVU, we may never know. But rather than focus on all that, we should simply celebrate these as strong and talented actresses.

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