Elvis Presley Was A Very Private Man But He Had One Person He "Truly Called A Friend", Pal Claims

December 25, 2019 11:37

Elvis Presley went from a shy and unsure young boy to a rockstar. A lot happened in those years and his experiences took him to the height of fame and legend. He was a star, no doubt, but there was still a lot of things people didn't know about him.

The man behind the music

Sure, his personal life made headlines a number of times but Elvis Presley's personality is hidden, not in his music, but in his other actions, some of which could be considered odd.

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An example was his love for beautiful cars, even pink ones. He once had a 1955 Pink Cadillac which went on to become one of the most famous cars in the world. That and his other expensive automobiles, his peculiar dressing style and more made Elvis a true enigma. But more than anything else, one thing that continued to draw fans to him was the love he had for them.

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Elvis was kind, generous, warm, and giving. He believed that love was the cure to everything. He spoke love through his music, his behavior and the way he expressed himself.

Elvis Presley's one real friend

As a famous musician, Elvis was surrounded by a lot of people, many of whom might be considered friends. But according to one man who knew Elvis for years, the Always on My Mind hitmaker had only one true pal in the music world and his name was Sir Tom Jones.

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This revelation was made by music mogul Jerry Schilling who was pretty close to the late musical star.

But if there was one artist that Elvis truly called a friend and hung out with the most, it was Sir Tom Jones.

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Jerry explained that Elvis was cautious when it came to friendships and wasn't quick to let people in. However, he was inspired by Tom and they became fast friends shortly after they met in 1965.

They even went on vacation together to Hawaii and spent lots of time together in Las Vegas.

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4 friends share their favorite things about Elvis

If Tom Jones was Elvis' true best friend, it didn't mean the late musician didn't have others who cared for him. A bunch of people had wonderful things to say about him after his death. In 2005, they shared some great words about Elvis during an interview with Larry King.

  1. Linda Thompson: Linda once dated Elvis and in the interview, she described him as an "amazing boyfriend." She said he was very affectionate and she felt very loved in the relationship.
  2. George Klein: Elvis Presley's old friend described him as a "genius in his own right." He stated that the King was a talented guy who had a "great ear for music."
  3. Jerry Schilling: Also a part of this interview, he revealed that Elvis was "very loyal" to those he cared about. The famous singer would always show up for anyone who needed him regardless of what problems they had.
  4. Joe Esposito: He was another friend of Elvis' and he shared that he didn't believe the singer fully realized how much power he had and the influence he made in the world.

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A tribute to his friendships

The singer might not have had a legion of besties but the ones he had were obviously so important to him that he made a sweet song to celebrate that connection. Elvis Presley's Let's Be Friends remains a popular ode to friendship even today.

Elvis Presley's death in 1977 left a gaping hole in the hearts of people, many of whom felt devastated that his life was cut short so young. His music touched lives and even to date, they remain a timeless reflection of different human experiences.

He made sure to surround himself with people who cared for him. He embraced who he was and didn't hesitate to do what made him feel good. These attributes made him worthy of being loved by friends and fans alike.