Trisha Yearwood And Garth Brook's Yearly Christmas Tree Routine Show That Family Comes First

December 25, 2019

It's gotta be pretty hard to top Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks's annual Christmas tradition especially considering that their children are basically adults now. It might be the Christmas season but for this couple, family togetherness remains one of the key parts of the holidays. And considering how far they have come, we can definitely see why.

A complicated beginning

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The country singing duo has been married since 2005 and by all indications, they remain as happy as ever. At the beginning of their relationship, things looked a little uncertain. This was because, by the time they started having strong feelings for each other, they were both married to other people.

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As they say, the heart wants what the heart wants. Garth and Trisha walked out of those marriages and eventually found their way to each other. And the rest is history.

Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks' Christmas tradition

One of the signs of a happy family is how much stock they place on staying connected during the holiday season. And based on what Garth revealed about their annual traditions recently, this family shares a pretty strong bond.

While speaking to Good Morning America, 55-year-old Trisha revealed that, no matter what, she, her husband and their children decorate the Christmas tree every year.

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Referring to Garth's daughters from his previous marriage, Taylor, August and Allie (who're all in their 20s), Trisha said.

We decorate the tree together. Now that they’re grown and living in different places, we still make it that the tree doesn’t get decorated until we’re together.

Due to their determination to do this, it could mean that their tree may remain undecorated for up to two weeks until everyone gets together and they do it as a family. Now, that's commitment.

How they make their marriage work: Top 3 tips

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Trisha and Garth have been married for more than 14 years now so it's safe to say that they know what they are doing. The Down On My Knees singer once told PureWow that there are three important things that make their marriage work.

  1. They put each other first: She explains that her relationship with Garth remains a priority, no matter how busy life gets.
  2. Togetherness is crucial: One thing they have learned from their respective previous marriage is that quality time together is important. The couple now makes a "conscious decision not to be apart."
  3. Sacrifices are unavoidable: Trisha also noted that sometimes, one person may have to sacrifice something in order to put the relationship first. In the end, they both pitch in to do what they can to keep their marriage going.

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Best wishes to their family

Trisha Yearwood, her husband, and children make such a lovely family that fans can't help but compliment them at times like this. See what people had to say.

@Diane Budd:

Merry Christmas to a wonderful family.

@Maryam Ramezanifar:

Love you both. God bless you.

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@Linda Love-Facchiano:

Such a great team. Love both of them & they have so many talents & think they treat their fans better than anyone. Best to them.

@Katherine Campbell:

I love you guys. you guys are amazing singers and God bless you.

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Garth and Trisha are living proof that love can happen in the most unexpected ways. And just because it's not the most traditional love story doesn't mean that it won't last. In the end, real marriage happens when two people are determined to make it work. These two have learned from their past mistakes and are putting everything into their current union. And as it turns out, that's the only way to build a strong relationship.

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